Friday, 14 September 2012

[BOTTLE REVIEW] - St Peter's Cream Stout

Rich and enriching cream stout from Suffolk.

St Peter's Cream Stout is a beer that falls strongly into the category of a "beer drinkers beer". It's not necessarily a beer you'd drink in large volumes to get drunk, nor a beer that you'd offer to a alcopop drinking heathen of a friend in an attempt to convert them from their sinful ways. To state, none of this is a bad thing.

What the boys from Suffolk have created is to be marveled: it's a heavy hitting cream stout that offers up a hugely satisfying and complex combination of flavours and aromas, perfect for a quiet drink or any tasting session. On the nose, there's hints of dark rum and blackcurrant. What follows is a rich, bitter and chocolatey body, but with a bit of a punch. The beer's smooth and delicate body belies the alcohol flavours that come through, giving the stout its 'cream' denotation, much like a soft red wine. I was lucky enough to procure this beer from Utobeer in Borough Market.

This beer was as beautiful as the bottle it came in.