Friday, 2 November 2012

[CASK REVIEW] Bath Ales - Dark Side

Beautiful stout from Bath.

Bath Ales are a brewery that you'll probably no doubt recognise, whether you are a beer fan, or that you've simply seen them in the supermarket. Dark Side is the brewery's stout, and at 4% it's not intending to be a powerful, after-dinner style dark beer.

In colour, it is black/ruby red. On the nose, there is chocolate and roast coffee notes. To taste, the coffee and chocolate flavours come through further. As well as this, there's a hugely complimentary sweetness, like toffee or honey, as well as a deep winter fruit flavour that tangs on the finish. Despite the beer's deep dark colour, it has a surprisingly light body, and actually feels silky smooth on the tongue. The colour certainly belies the experience of drinking this beer, which actually has a subtle yet very pleasant network of flavours, and is very drinkable. I was lucky enough to come across this beer at the Rake near London Bridge.

At 4%, I could easily see myself drinking this all night during the winter months.