Tuesday, 18 December 2012

[CASK REVIEW] Redemption Brewery - Trinity

World class session ale from Tottenham.

Redemption Brewery, proudly representing North London, offer up an appetising range of well crafted ales. You'll recognise Redemption from their upside down triangle shaped pump clips that always catch the eye. If not, you may well know them by reputation only, since they have made a habit of collecting awards for their ales like nobody's business.

Trinity is a 3% light ale that really sets the standard for low % beers. It pours out a lovely gold colour; to smell there's hints of raspberries, red fruits and orange citrus. To taste, there's a soft sweetness, like rosewater, coupled with a summer fruit hop flavour. On the finish, there's a malt tartness, coupled with a refreshingly crisp hop-bite.

After a pint you will find yourself double checking whether it really is only a 3% beer. It has the weight in body of a much stronger beer, and a complexity of flavours usually associated with a stronger beer also. The hop zing in the body is very palatable and with an interesting malt body to boot. I was lucky enough to get this beer on cask in excellent condition at the George Tavern near the Strand.

What Redemption have created is ultimately an incredible session ale. Rapidly becoming one of Britain's best breweries, what is witnessed in Trinity perfectly demonstrates why.