Friday, 11 January 2013

[CASK REVIEW] Hackney Brewery - American Pale Ale

Top hoppy beer from East London

Hackney Brewery are one of London's newer breweries, having only been in full swing for the last six months or so. The sprightly upstarts combine traditional branding with good honest British ales. With Hackney Brewery, there's no gimmicks for their products to hide behind, only an upfront range of sessionable and delicious beers.

Their American Pale Ale comes in at 4.5%, and pours a slightly darker colour than you'd preempt from an APA, with auburn/orange colours gleaming from the glass. The aroma offers a wonderful blend of hop types: grassy, fruity, a really pleasant mix that entices, without being too 'in yer face'. To taste, the moderate colour translates to a rich caramel sweetness, coupled with a crisp maltyness that is fitting for the style. The body blends superbly with the hop flavours, allowing the pine and marmalade fruit flavours to really breathe. The beer finishes with a slight roast note in the body, and a pleasant dry finish. I found this beer on cask in excellent condition at the Wilmington Arms pub, Exmouth Market.

Overall this American Pale Ale embodies what drinkers will come to expect from Hackney Brewery: a hugely enjoyable beer, bitter and complex, but ultimately thirst quenching. Truly the stuff that sessions are made of.