Thursday, 17 January 2013

[PUB REVIEW] - Royal Albert, New Cross

Fantastic pub South of the River.

The Royal Albert is a pub situated between New Cross and Deptford, nearest to New Cross Station. On the bar you will find seven hand pulled ales, and a hand pulled cider. As well as this, they have eight beers on draught and another cider. The Royal Albert have made a habit of stocking top quality ales from around the UK; By the Horns, Dark Star, Hog Back, Redemption, London Fields, just to name a few. However the joy of visiting the Royal Albert is that the stock rotates in a way that offers up great classics from British brewing, as well as allowing you to explore a far wider range of breweries than just those that are local and/or famous. With seven ales to choose from, there's many an evening you can spend simply working your way around the pumps. If this isn't enough for you, they have a a nice choice of kegged beers, such as Fruli, both London Fields' Unfiltered Lager and Wheat Beer, AND more beers in the fridge (mostly American Craft Beer favourites such as Flying Dog, Sierra Nevada, Anchor Steam, Okell etc.).

One of the best aspects of the Royal Albert is how it feels as a pub. Coming in off a busy street, you are met by a large open space, with an L shaped bar that leads round to the dining area around the back. The front of the pub bears two beautiful large round windows that set the pub off with an interesting yet traditional pub feel. This is continued into the pub, where you'll find a lovely cosy drinking space, with leather chairs, perfect dim lighting, and an eclectic mixture of vintage pub furniture and fixtures. Past the bar around the back, there's a candlelight dining area, overlooked by an open kitchen, set underneath a stunning glass roof. The pub also boasts a billiards table, board games, and room for bands or DJs to play on busier Friday and Saturday nights.

The reason why the Royal Albert is such a great pub, is that it can cater to so many needs. There's top quality food, space and solace for drinks with friends, and an enjoyable youthful buzz at the weekends. And of course, the beer is always an absolute treat. 

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