Friday, 6 July 2012

[BOTTLE REVIEW] - Odell Brewing Co. IPA

A truly great American take on the IPA.

Always a treat to get hold of some beer from across the pond, especially when the yanks try their hand at our very own IPA. The cheeky chaps at Odell Brewing Co. have tried this themselves, and with great success. Golden yellow in colour, the beer pours well with a nice soft head. On the nose, it gives off a nice sweet citrus scent that you'd expect from an American hopped beer. To taste, the beer gives grapefruit, sweetness and of course a nice rounded hoppyness. On the aftertaste you can detect hints of cinnamon. Being American, Odell have avoided the typical APA pitfalls; this IPA isn't as dry as an APA, and has more of a gentle hop character. Still, at 7% abv. the yanks from Fort Collins still managed to give it their own twist. I was lucky enough to procure this from the exceptional Mr Lawrence.

If you come across it, try it!