Saturday, 21 July 2012

[PUB REVIEW] - Stormbird, Camberwell

A great example of a modern-style draught house.

Stormbird is refreshing and inventive in its approach to craft beer. Supplying 20 beers on tap, the range is mostly from Belgium, the USA, and of course Britain. All of these give a good solid representation of the craft beer phenomenon, without compromising on the quality of beer available. Avoiding typical draft house pitfalls, such as excessive prices and overwhelming range, Stormbird offer all their beers by the 1/3 should you so wish, and serve three 1/3s with a novel Beer Paddle. Procuring three 1/3s for £4.50 (competitive pricing for quality imported beer in these troubled times) I tried Magic Rock's Cannonball (7.4%), Yorkshire's Ilkley Summit (5.4%) and Anchor Steam (4.9%), all of which were great. For those that aren't so keen on Yankee fizz, they also offer four British ales on hand pump, and have an extensive bottle range of around 100 beers. From the outside, the neon Brooklyn Lager light will draw you in, into a relaxed and modern feeling space, with plenty of seating and good room for those who like to prop up the bar.

Stormbird is certainly a boozer for exploring and savouring new tastes, rather than drowning sorrows; it's a place you simply have to try if you happen to find yourself South of the river and thirsty.