Friday, 6 July 2012

[CASK REVIEW] - Sambrook's Lavender Hill

Fine summer Ale from Battersea.

The newest offering from Battersea's Sambrook's Brewery, Lavender Hill is a summer seasonal beer. Made with honey for sweetness and lightness, it offers a great opportunity for ale drinking in the hottest months. On the nose, it gives honey and fruit. It has a delicate head and body, which when tasted feels like a traditional light English Ale, but the added honey certainly adds a sweeter and somewhat smoother, almost wheat-y texture. The body is a golden orange colour, and retains the trademark characters of Sambrooks yeast, with fruit and pears coming through. On the aftertaste, a satisfying gentle bitterness accompanied with yet more fruity character. The only drawback to this beer is that it is brewed especially for Nicholson's Pubs, and therefore may be hard to find. I was lucky enough to find this on tap in very good condition at The Black Friar.

Overall a hearty recommendation from me!