Thursday, 11 October 2012

[BOTTLE REVIEW] Oakham Ales - Green Devil IPA

Hoppy goodness from an upstanding brewery.

Green Devil IPA is a very bold IPA from Peterborough's Oakham Ales. At 6%, the beer can confidently be put into the category of a tasting beer or an after dinner beer more so than anywhere near anything sessionable. The beer pours a bright yellow colour, and immediately unleashes a wall of aroma from the glass: on the nose there's strong pineapple and passionfruit scents. To taste, you get a lovely complex bitterness and fruityness that comes through. With few malty flavours to note, this beer is clearly constructed to be light so as to provide a platform for the grassy pineapple bitterness, courtesy of the of hops. On the finish, the tropical flavours subside slightly, making way for a citrus crispness.

As the name suggests, this is a beer that will hugely satisfy all hop lovers. However the tropical flavours that are present prevent the beer being too bitter, so that it can also be appreciated by anyone with a taste for a flavoursome and aromatic ale.

On a side note: 660ml bottles are bloody great.