Thursday, 4 October 2012

[PUB REVIEW] - Greenwich Union, Greenwich

Meantime Brewery's flagship pub.

Situated off the beaten track in Greenwich, the Union is Meantime Brewery's Tap. At the bar, you'll find 11 beers on draught, 10 of which are Meantime beers (yes, 10!) as well as another keg for a guest, and three guest beers on cask. It's great to have most of Meantime's range in one place, as well as some solid guest cask beers to back them up; in this instance there was beer from Dark Star and Adnams. It was here I first encountered Meantime's summer seasonal beer, Pacific Pale Ale, a beer that I'd describe as a fruity cousin of their London Pale Ale. I'm a huge fan of Meantime's London Pale Ale, and a huge fan of beers that use hops from the Southern Hemisphere, so to find the two combined in a single glass was a real treat. At 4%, the beer's lightness in body and alcohol was perfect for a hot summer day. If Greenwich's finest isn't good enough for you, the Union also offers over 110 bottled beers from all around the world, a really impressive selection (e.g. Anchor Steam Old Foghorn, 8.8% Barley Wine, wow). They also offer all of their bottles with a takeaway price, which are just as cheap as you'd find in a super market, so you have no excuse not to fill your pockets when nearby.

The pub itself is in a long narrow space; there's plenty of windows that allow natural light to complement the light wood interior. There's also a small garden at the front, and a quaint garden round the back, making the entire pub feel as though it has a natural flow from the street at the front to the back of the garden. The Union's location really helps set the pub off with a sense that it is a local's pub, and not a pub stuffed with Greenwich tourists, who can sometimes overwhelm other local watering holes.

Whether going in for a pint or two and some hearty grub, or simply popping in to abuse the pubs bottle takeaway service, the Union is a pub that really should be included in any excursion to Greenwich; it's only a short walk from the main streets but is a real breath of fresh air and great for a relaxing drink anytime.